About The website Owner

I'm Colin and I created this website to share my love of Bentleys with you all. I'm in my late 30s and live with my wife and son in Hampshire. I work in the railway industry, but my real passion is cars. I currently drive a Volkswagen, for practical reasons, but will upgrade this as soon as I can. I like cars that are a bit unusual and stand out from the norm - cars that make everyone stop and admire them as they go by.

My son is starting to follow in my footsteps and we enjoy going to look at cars together, whether it be in showrooms or at car shows. We're lucky that Beaulieu is right on our doorstep and it's one of our favourite places to go and visit. I'm currently planning a trip for my 40th birthday to the Monaco Grand Prix and will take my son with me. Even my wife insists on coming along, allow I suspect she might be more interested in the shopping opportunities rather than the cars!

I'm quite mechanically minded and enjoy tinkering with cars that no longer work, and have even managed to restore a couple in my time. I'm currently working on a BMW E36 that is living in my garage. My son is helping me, and I am hoping this will give him some vital skills that will allow him to work on his own car, when he's old enough to drive.

Why Bentleys? I encountered my first Bentley when I was in senior school. My friend's dad had a glorious Bentley Continental, as a weekend car, and I immediately adored it. Sadly, I have never been allowed to drive it, but he did let me sit in the front seat and take us both for a spin when he could. I'm pleased to say he still owns the car and has taken great pride in keeping it in excellent condition. I have even helped to service it on a few occasions.

My ultimate dream is to own a Bentley some day, although that may be a good few years away. I know I'm first in the queue when my friend's dad wants to pass his car along to someone who will care for it just as well. I hope you enjoy this website and can share in my admiration of these majestic cars.

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